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What does Weddingly mean? Simply put Weddingly means easy & simple wedding planning. That is our promise to you. Our roots in the wedding industry started before the foundation of our company. In 2010 two people fell in love. This love story evolved in to the ultimate planning experience. The pitfalls and tribulations of doing the planning on our own became frustrating. After Josh took a position in a local wedding company he was able to pull back the curtain and see how the wedding industry actually worked.

Over 2400 weddings later he has been able to see who actually will go above and beyond for a client, and what vendors just don’t make the cut. This unique perspective into the the industry would have been a welcome sight for a newly engaged couple but all of the wedding planners we approached seemed to be entrenched in old ideas, and very few could understand our style.

It was this clear vision of the wedding landscape that lead them to the idea of offering wedding planning, coordination, and officiating services to other newly engaged couples. Since we are a small team we guarantee that you will get personalized service, one wedding per day exclusivity, and one on one attention. We do not take a cookie cutter approach because each couple is as unique as us. So again what is weddingly? It is simply two people in love helping you through the complicated and frustrating wedding landscape in an effort to make your experience stress free and simple!

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